With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing on, we knew that the Class of 2021 would need a way to celebrate their commencement virtually. With more time to plan, and some of the groundwork already done from the previous year’s celebration, we decided this was the time to go all out and give our graduates a commencement they would never forget!

This meant a complete redesign of the commencement microsite and a dramatic improvement to the video quality of the premiere event with our speakers. We also created personalized, animated, diplomas for the premiere using an After Effects file with custom network rendering to chew through the lengthy rendering times.

The virtual ceremony was very well received by our graduates. This one quote really does a great job of demonstrating how special this commencement really was to them.

“My friends, family, and everyone I have spoken to were absolutely blown away by what was presented. The production quality exceeded everyone’s expectations. I was also thankful that the choice to recreate the personal websites was made. Seeing my picture, my family’s messages, and my degree on a site unique to me was a special moment. I have not seen any of my friends who recently graduated from other schools posting an institution-made graphic of their diplomas. The other elements that blew me away were the animation of the diploma covers for each person, the dangling tassels, and the overall design for each person. The attention to detail showed how much thought and effort was put into this experience.”

— Quote from a Graduating Senior

Screenshots from Website

Screenshots from Video Premiere

Judges Comment from CASE Circle of Excellence Award

The microsite, personal messages, video, and graduate slides were all wonderful. This is a leading example of making the most out of a challenging situation and giving it an A+ effort that paid off for their graduates and families. This was well-thought out and planned, and it shows. I felt like I was a part of this community just watching and browsing the supplemental information.

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