Working as part of IconINK for this Rec Room project, I created 3D assets to be used in a headliner show for the Rec Rocks 2023 event. This show featured artist Tokyo Machine and debuted his new album. IconINK created an entire immersive world that took players through multiple locations from dancing in a cave to being abducted by a UFO to bouncing high in the clouds!

My contributions to this project were split between using in-game creation tools like the maker pen and professional software like Blender and Substance painter. I both created optimized model geometry and made custom texture maps. Here are some examples of the work I did with Blender and Substance Painter.

Arcade Machine

One of the models that was featured throughout the entire show was this arcade machine. The machine was “powering” the show as players jumped from location to location. The wrap graphics were created from artwork provided by Tokyo Machine.

There are a lot of little details on the arcade machine such as the various logos stamped on the exterior and the “insert coins” button using the official Tokyo Machine font.

Space Bot

During one segment of the show, we had the idea to bring in a bunch of space robots to have a mock music battle during a particularly aggressive section of the music. This original design of mine was based off a retro TV with rockets attached to back and claw-like blasters.

Cave Props

In addition to designing the cave itself, which needed to be able to split into multiple pieces for the explosion segment, I also focused on props to add visual interest to the cave.

Shown here are crystals, rocks, and mushrooms I created to sprinkle throughout the cave.

This event was part of a larger weekend event called Rec Rocks. You can learn more about Rec Rocks at the official web page and through the embedded videos below that were produced by Rec Room.

Official Festival Trailer

Best Moments from Rec Rocks